Sunday, May 2, 2010

"Flower Bed"

Today I went and bought a few fences panels to use as the frame on my "flower bed".

My knowledge is NOT in the area of how to connect the wood frame to the metal headboard and footboard.  But, give me a garage full of tools, and a few minutes, I will figure it out. I thought about using screws, but didn't want to be digging in the dirt and scrap a hand on a screw.  So, was I going to keep it all together?  Duct tape...nah, it wouldn't hold up in the weather.   Hot glue..nope, just not strong enough to support the weight of dirt pushing against the frame.  Aha...POW strips or to most people they are called zip strips.  I call them POW strips because, during war time they are used as handcuffs.

I learned to use the sawzall simply by using I cut the boards to fit the frame. I also know how to use a drill, so I drilled holes in the wood, pushed a  POW strip through the hole, wrapped it around the metal legs and pulled it through another hole.  All this has been done without the help of my husband.  But, alas,..I do need him to pull the strips tighter for me.  My upper body strength is just not as strong as his.

That's as far as I got today..keep you updated.