Tuesday, October 28, 2014

PVC Halloween Candle

I can spend hours on Pinterest looking for crafts and DIY projects.  The only problem is, I wish I could do everything as fast as I pin. With every holiday, there are countless holiday crafts and projects to make. 
So, when this PVC Halloween Candle came through my boards, I knew it was something I wanted to try.  After reading through the list of things I would need, I realized I had most of it already.  All that was needed, were tea lights and the PVC.  The instructions were very easy to follow. 

Hubby cut the PVC into random sizes.  I also ask him to cut the top at an angle.

I used PCV glue to glue the pieces of PVC together.  That should be done before putting the hot glue around the top. Then, I just put rings of hot glue around the top.  I would push out a huge amount and let it run down the sides.  Sometimes I had to use the nose of the glue gun to help push the glue down.

Let each layer of hot glue cool before putting another layer of glue.  If not, it will just mush together.  Next is where I ran into trouble.  After getting a nice build up around the top, I grabbed a tea light and tried to put it in the top.  Aaauugghh, it wouldn't fit.  I should have gotten PVC just a tad larger.  Since the lights wouldn't go in from the top, they have to be slid up from the bottom.  I have to slide the black insulation up after the light.  Then I have to take the insulation out to turn the lights on and off.  Oh well, trial and error.  The insulation is what holds the tea light in place.  I forgot that picture. 

I spray painted them an off white color.

I simply couldn't get the "aging" part right.  I tried and I tried.  I repainted it 4 times before accepting the fact that it was not going to look as good as the one I was copying.

Ta-da...the finished project.

Happy Halloween

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Child Excercize Block

I found this very easy, peasy exercise block to make for my youngest granddaughter. 
She is about to turn 3 and is very active.  I thought she would enjoy doing her own exercises.  Albeit, if it's just jumping around in the living room.  Plus, with the winter months coming on, she will be able to work off some of that 3 year old energy.
I have scrap wood, so hubby cut me a square.  I painted it white and cut construction paper squares to put on the sides.  I used the same exercises as the block I copied. 

I think she will like it.  ....I do.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Book shelf to Dollhouse

I always try and think outside the box, by seeing what I can do with something about to be thrown away or just no longer useful.

For years, we had the plain old boring bookshelves that every box store carries.  They are inexpensive and frankly, they serve a multitude of purposes.  But I really want to rid myself of them and find more unique/different, more personable ways of displaying my chachkies (trinkets).

Time for this plain ole shelf to go.  You can see in the first picture, where I had already tried to change it by, adding fabric to the back.  Yuck, Eww, Phooey.  Time to find another purpose for it.  After spending hours and hours on Pinterest, I decided to make a doll house for my youngest granddaughter.  While ridding myself of something I know longer want, I in turn, make her a unique and personable doll house. 

Plus, imaginary play is so important.  And it is not easy to do.  That is why some people have trouble playing with kids, they don't know how to pretend.  With the doll house, she can work on her language skills, her thinking skills, her social skills and just having fun by herself.

At first I thought about making doll house furniture from odds and ends, but with her being two, she would have it destroyed in no time.  So, I settled on inexpensive doll house furniture.  I did try and add some personal pictures and wall art from my craft box. 

If she continues to play with it, then I can buy her more furniture.   By tomorrow, she might have moved on to something else.

But for now, she has a new toy, made with love, especially for her by her Gma.