Sunday, August 21, 2011

Jewelry Christmas Tree

Awhile back, I made a Jewelry Christmas Tree (above) for myself.  I really liked it, but everytime I walked past it, I would say to myself...redo it, redo it.  See how the side on the left side is bulging out.  It drove me crazy, but I would always justify it..with Christmas trees are never perfect.  So, I continued to ignore my desire for the do over.


I found out my youngest son and DIL were expecting, and had a light bulb moment.  It was... I would take it down, and make two trees.  One for each granddaughter. It would be a nice gift for them to always have.  And with me, it is all about making some memories, memories that are more than just knowing the person.  Memories also need to include things that you can touch and feel..things that you can see and then know someone did this for you.  Someone took the time and the thought to do this for matters. 

I did my best to personalize each of them, so they will always know which belongs to them.  So, on each tree there are certain pieces that relate to them personally.

Not perfect....but very pleased with both of them.