Sunday, July 31, 2011

Melted Crayon Wall Art

I found another inexpensive way to make a unique wall art piece.  It was here at naptime-craft time where I discovered this little gem.  Now, my days of having napping young ones are way in the past, the only one who naps around here now, is me.  But, I still enjoy the easy, inexpensive art work that Tracy's enjoys with her children.

Now, there is also one on Etsy here for $70.00 plus s&h. It is much prettier than mine, but for me, mine works just fine.

Here is my attempt at melted crayon wall art:

I lined the crayons up in rainbow fashion.  Years ago, when I was a para-professional, I learned that a rainbow is always in the same line of colors...and the way to remember the order is by using the mnemonic device,  ROY G BIV. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violent.  A little color lesson for you.

I had an old frame and used spray adhesive to glue a piece of poster board to the frame wood.

I drew a straight line with a ruler and used a hot glue gun.

I noticed my crayons were lining up crooked so, had to pry them off and straighten up the line.

 It was very hot outside, so I propped it up on the brick wall. 

 After returning home, several hours later, I go outside so excited to have a look/see. Well, look what I see.  A couple of the crayons had fallen off.  And although the crayons have heated and foamed up, there is not much dripping going on. out comes the blow dryer.

 The look is not exactly what I wanted, I wanted the lines to just drip.  But the dryer blows the melted crayons, making a different look.

 Here it is..framed and ready to be hung.  
I love it.

Now, there is also one on Etsy here for $70.00 plus s&h.  It is much prettier than mine, but for me, mine works just fine.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Crayon Initial

I am always looking for inexpensive ways to make wall art to be used in my own home or to give as gifts.  This idea I found here at...chic cheap nursery.  Originally I thought this would make a great gift for my 10 year old granddaughter to give to her teacher..I still do.

...but with the new granddaughter due in December, I thought ..hmmm, I want to make her one.  With back to school supplies being abundant right now, the price on a box of crayons is about 30 cents.  Nothing better than a new box of Crayola crayons.

My two granddaughters will have the exact same cool is that. If I make something, and one doesn't like it, then I can pretend and tell the other one I made it for her.  he he