Saturday, October 29, 2011

Calm Down Jar

Over at here we are together, I found this mind jar.  A very easy project that speak volumes of what it is designed to do.

The idea is to help calm a child who needs to stop, think and regroup.  By shaking the jar and watching the glitter swirl and fall to the bottom, it allows time for the mind to calm down and relax.

It is mesmerizing to watch.   In the light, the glitter sparkles and is very pretty.  After I made it tonight, I handed it to my hubby to check it out.  He spent several minutes shaking and watching the glitter.  This might be a neat idea for adults as well.

The glitter falls quicker than I want it to because the glitter I used was large glitter.  I think the very fine glitter will work much better and be slower at falling.  I will try that kind next.

I think I will use it as a tool with my youngest granddaughter (after she is born).  Just in the way I plan to use the nice seat as a method of helping her cope when she becomes stressed.  The mind jar will be part of the nice seat.  A place she can sit, shake the jar and calm down.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Door to Desk to Coffee Table to Wall Art

Awhile back I found where someone had turned a door into a desk.  Well, I really needed a narrow desk, so that was my aha moment.  Hubby and I did it and I loved it. 
BUT..alas it was not meant to be, as it was just to narrow.  There was no room to put my arms and spread out paperwork.

Soooo....I cut it down and turned it into a coffee table.  (makes it sound like I am a witch and wiggle my nose and Poof "you are a coffee table." :) was too dark, so I painted it white...sort of. it needed color.  Hmmm, what could I do.  Aha...mod podge some pretty calendar pages to the top.

UNTIL...hubby and I decided to get a new sofa.  We decide on a sectional.  Oh no, what will I do with my handcrafted one of a kind coffee table, that I love.
Ta is now a piece of wall art over my bed.  I LOVE it.  Every time I walk past my room, I smile. 

I like the colors.  I like that it fills the space.  I love the fact that I keep using items and trying to repurpose them.  I like that I try to add my own style to my home without spending a lot of money.  I like that I think outside the box. 

Hubby says...we now have a door above a door. Little does he know that tomorrow I pick up another door to turn into a hallway seating bench.  :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Building Blocks

There is more inspiration on the internet than I will ever be able to accomplish in my lifetime.  Just not enough hours in the day to get it all done.

So, I have to pick and choose..and today I chose to make these cute, cute building blocks.  I found the idea here at Modge Podge rocks.  You can pretty much Modge Podge on anything.

I had a couple of pieces of 3x3 wood in the garage.  Perfect.  I have Mod Podge. Perfect.  Now, just have to find something to Mod Podge on the blocks.  Aha, old greeting cards.  Perfect.  Then I found an old nursery rhyme book.  Perfect.

I just cut out the pictures, Mod Podged them to the blocks.  I will add another layer of Mod Podge tomorrow and they will be so cute sitting on a shelf in my future granddaughter's room.  And they just might become something she will someday give to her child..... Perfect.

I originally was going to do Sesame Street blocks, but in looking through old children's books, I found this vintage looking nursery rhyme book that I really like the way the pictures look.  So, I decided to change my path and make the blocks look kind of vintage.  I am very pleased with the way they turn out.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Quiet Book

My second granddaughter is due around Christmas time and I am already making goodies for her.  My original idea was to make her a "busy book.  A book that would help her learn to zip a zipper, snap snaps, tie a shoelace, button a button, buckle a buckle...mainly things they need to learn in order to go out into the real word of kindergarten.  Things that will help make them independent. 

But she doesn't need all the little accessories that type of book would have, she would just try and put everything in her mouth.  So.. I decided to make her a "Quiet Book".  Nothing fancy, just fabric and felt. I tried to make some easy pages to play with.  This will tide her over until she can handle the next book..which by the way I need to get started on.  A grandma's job is never done

 Her home

 Open the door, and she can see her parents and her dogs

 A page of match the signs and colors.  A page of learning to weave.

 A barn where you can remove the bottom three animals, which are finger puppets.  A page of eggs to count.

 A closet page that holds felt clothes to put on the flat doll

 A telephone page to call her G-ma (me).  A page to put the red apples in the basket.

 A page to hold all the accessories to decorate the page of weather seasons.

 A page to braid hair.  A page to learn the traffic light colors.

 A mail box that holds a letter from G-ma.

Another job well done and another memory made.  Maggie and I will spend time sitting on the floor playing with the "Quiet Book" that gma made for her. 

House O Lantern 2011

Several years ago, I found this cool, inexpensive Halloween craft and this is my third year doing it.  I have thought about making it where each year, I just stick the four squares into the window.  Then store it in the attic when Halloween is over.  But.. I kinda of like making a different face each year.  Doing the same ole thing is not what I want to do.  I never want my Christmas tree to look the same. I never want to eat at the same place twice, when so many restaurants are here.  So..I want my pumpkin face to be different as well.

 This year I used black poster board, in the past I have used regular cardboard.  You can see where I had to piece it in the middle.  I used chalk to draw the face.

 I used a box cutter to cut out the face.

 I used regular orange tissue paper and taped it over the cutouts.

I love it. 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Time Out "Nice" seat

My second granddaughter is not even born yet, and I am already making her a "time out" chair.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I don't procrastinate.  The terrible two's will be here before we know it.

One day while visiting my son and pregnant DIL, I walked through the garage, and noticed this bar stool sitting in a corner.  I asked could I have it, and they said yes.



As I stood and looked at it, I thought where was I going to put it, how was I going to use it.  Light bulb moment...cut it down and make a "time out" chair for the future grandchild.  Afterall, I had found the stool at her parents house and it can now become a keepsake. 

The purple made it look to dark for a happy seat.  I was going to paint a happy face on the top, but decided against that, because with a face it would always have to positioned with the face facing forwards.  Yes, I have issues.  So, decided with the flowers, it could be turned in any direction and not look off.

Ta-da....I love it.

When she hits those terrible twos, and needs a time out, I will ask her to go sit on the "nice seat". Here she can think about why she is being mean or ugly...and the powers from within the chair will transform her behavior back into being as sweet as sugar.

ok, my head this is how it will work.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Milk Jug Pumpkins

I like to look at Family Fun magazine for easy crafts/projects to do with my granddaughter.  Awhile back I saw this milk jug project and have been saving milk jugs to give it a try.

Rinsed and saved gallon milk jugs.  Cut a large opening in the backside.  Drew pumpkin faces on each carton with a black marker.  Wish I had of had some black paint, as it would  have been darker. 

I had several strands of clear Christmas lights, stuck a handful into the back of each carton and viola instant Milk Jug Pumpkins.  I want to line the front porch with them.

Easy peasy and fun to do.