Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Paint Chip Dry Erase Board

I found this inexpensive, easy gift project for anyone on your gift list.. friends, teachers, co-workers.  It takes an hour or so and cost about $5.00.

You know those paint chip squares that you get from HD, Lowes or even Walmart.  Anytime, I go to these stores and I frequent them quite a bit, I always choose a handful for reasons such as this, or one never knows when I will want to change the paint on a wall. 

Here is where I got the idea...over at The Aesthetic Writer.  I followed their directions, although I couldn't cut the squares as straight as they did.

I bought a $5.00 11x14 frame at Walmart.  Keep in mind, it needs to be large enough to hold a month of numbers.  I cut the squares to be about 2x2 size.  I then spray painted the cardboard that comes in the frame white, as you can see the board in between the squares.

I taped the squares down, by just taking a little piece of tape rolling it up and sticking it on the back of the square.  That allowed me to adjust as necessary.
You could make another one or several and line a wall, if you need to see months in advance.  Or when the month is over, just grab a tissue and wipe it clean, re-number and you are ready for another month.

Neat, easy peasy idea.

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