Sunday, March 20, 2011

Old Door to New Headboard

Since we bought the new door, I was at a quandary as to what to do with the old door.  Can't trash it, not this to use it for something. Got to think outside the box. Too many ideas on turning trash into treasure to just throw it to the curb. 

I found many wonderful ideas for turning doors and many other junk items into useful, cool and unique pieces here.  This site has many pages of ideas and projects.  I love looking at all the creative ways people turn trash into treasure.

My plan was to turn the old door into a new headboard for my bed.  I ask hubby to help me just put the door at the top of the bed to see if I liked the look.
Well.. let me tell you, I love it.  Hubby wasn't so into it.  He really doesn't like the country, antiqued.. turn trash into treasure thing.  But, he sees how excited I get, so he will go peacefully into the project with me. 

Here you can see, where hubby removed the side of the door where the knobs were and stuck..hmm I don't know 2x4's or maybe 1x4's up into the door for added stability.  Then  (wish I had taken a picture) holes were drilled into the 2x somethings at the bottom and bolted to the metal bed frame.
Here you can see the door knob holes, I chose to put that part at the bottom, as I want to spray paint the door hinges for added appeal on top.
Ta-da..Trash to treasure...what a creative and inexpensive way to get a new headboard.  Love it.

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