Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Master Bath Part 5...Framed Mirror

The big ole plain mirror in the bathroom lacked style or personality.  Again, after reading many DIY blogs and seeing others frame mirrors...I said I could do that.  And I did.  Everything went together great.  A project well done, if I do say so myself. 
The frame is sold in a packet, which is used to frame a door, cost $10.00.  The corner squares are an extra touch of style.
I caulked a line of mirror liquid nails, making sure to keep the line away from the side that is inside the mirror. Because, if you get it to close to the edge you will be able to see the line reflection in the mirror.

I spray painted it black and then roughed it up, with a light grit sandpaper.  Just enough to make it look worn. You can see here where it didn't connect, but it was level perfect.

I caulked the opening and took a black magic marker and painted it. Perfect.

Ta-Da...beautiful..and the mirror isn't to shabby either.

P.S.  Remember, click on a picture to enlarge.

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