Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hollowed Out Books

I took two diet books and made my granddaughters a secret hiding place.  Who needs a diet book anyway, the word DIET is a four letter word to me.  If you go on a diet, then someday you will come off the diet, making the whole trip wasteful.  I want to teach my gbabies to eat healthy, to make the better food choices in their eating habits. 

So....I found two old diet books.  I marked about 1/2 inch around the pages and used a box cutter to cut out the pages.  If you go slow and remove as few pages as you can at a time, it will look better.  If you get in a hurry (like me) it becomes not so neat.

I used Mod Podge, but you could also use Elmer's glue to glue the pages together.  I just used a brush and brushed the glue along the inside and outside of the pages.

I tend to not go out and buy items for decorating, and use what I have. I used a couple of old fabric pieces to line the cut out holes.  Being I had some Halloween stickers, that is why one book got a witch.  The other book got a gingerbread baby, not sure where that came from. 

Stickers and just random items to personalize each book a bit. 

My choice would be to fill the hole with trinkets, but I was in a hurry to give it to my oldest granddaughter, as she saw it one day and has constantly ask me, if I was finished yet.

Soo...I went and bought a handful of candy to fill the space.  The other book, is for the gbaby that is 4 months, I have plenty of time to find trinkets for her book.

Very Easy to do.  It took no time to complete.  Best of all, the gbaby loved it.