Sunday, June 3, 2012

Door to Coffee Table

Over at Sweet Pickins Furniture I found this awesome, way cool door turned into a coffee table.
I knew I could do this, or atleast I believe I waited until I had the perfect door.  That day happened and I found me a door.  It is a very old solid wood door.  It is a door that stinks.  Hubby says it smells like cat urine.  I say it smells VERY, VERY old.  Kind of like when you go into a very old KMART, or get hold of an old book.

I wasn't about to give into hubby talking about my stinky door.  Although, I wasn't too sure this was going to go in my house.  So....I crossed my fingers and moved forward, hoping that I could remove that smell.
My inspiration photo above, looks as if nothing was done to it.  But my door was plain and needed something.  I began by stripping 30 years of paint off.   Time and elbow grease.
Then we measured the door, trying to decide the height and width.  Hubby cut my now very stinky door into 3 pieces, two sides and the top.

Yep, the stink was still there.  I continued to make light of it, all the while wondering would that smell go away.  I had sanded and sanded, probably making the smell even more prominent.  But I still had hope. 
We used the Kreg Jig screws to secure the sides to the top, making it look nice underneath and very sturdy. I primed with Kilz, then painted with a satin white.  I tend to use what I have on hand.  I originally wanted to paint it a blue color.  But...doors are usually white, especially old doors.  I then put a coat of gloss Polycrylic over the top, sanded and put another coat of Polycrylic.  This seal of Poly seems to have sealed in the "stink".  Hip, Hip, Hooray...the door/table may come into my house.

I debated to leave it a solid white, but my paining skills are pretty bad, so an easy way out is to "antique" it up.  So, I sanded some spots here and there, making it look beaten. This in turn allows my mistakes and not so good painting to show.  I went to HD and bought a set of glass door knobs.   I love these knobs. passes the "Smile" test.  If I walk past it and smile, it stays.  If I don't smile, it's out of here.