Thursday, August 13, 2015

Drop Cloth Tassel Bed Skirt

I saw two bed skirts online.  I like both of them.  My first choice is the tassel one.  But I think, it looks best with white bedding. The white bedding with the color of the tassels is just so pretty.  I don't have white bedding.  And I really am not wanting to buy white bedding. 
And I like the rustic look of this simple DIY painters drop cloth bed skirt.  It is a neutral color and would go with any color or pattern bedding.
  I decided to try the painters drop cloth and make my own tassels and see what happens.
Home Depot for less than $20.00

 I cut the drop cloth straight down the middle.  That gave me two 15 ft pieces.  I started at the top of the box springs and hot glued it down.  Then I just folded over a little fabric, to make a ruffle and hot glued it to the box springs.  I have always hot glued my bed skirts to the box springs. No one will ever see it and it helps hold it in place.  I went all the way to the middle of the foot.  I have a cedar chest that is at the foot of my bed, so I just cut the cloth and glued it in a spot behind the chest.

I googled how to make the tassels.  Very, very quick and simple.  I then spaced and hot glued them several inches apart.  I did go back and remove the pink ones.  There were just too many colors.  I then slid the mattress over and did the other side, stopping in the middle.
  I like it and it cost less than $25.00 for a king size bed skirt.  Works for me.  :)

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