Saturday, December 13, 2014

Punch A Present

Here is another easy, fun project to do.  I found this Punch A Present idea on Pinterest.

I made it for something more along the lines of the game on the Price Is Right, where you punch a hole and hope for more money than the last hole punched.
My oldest granddaughter is spending a couple of nights with us, so I thought it would be the perfect fun thing to do with her. 

Just a large cardboard box from a store.
I used a saucer to trace and cut the circles.
I glued pieces of cardboard behind each hole, to set the presents on.  But that didn't work, the cardboard bent backwards.  I had some small craft sticks, hot glued them to hold up the cardboard.
Worked like a charm.
Outside for quick spray of white paint.
I used red and green tissue to cover the holes.  Then I realized, when the hole was punched, the gift might fall off the shelf.  So, hmm, what to do, what to do.  I took some scrap cardboard and sort of made a wall.  Worked perfectly
I traced some letters and painted them red and green.  I added some Christmas pompoms for a more festive look. 
I will let her punch one hole, then she will decide to keep the gift or trade it in for a chance at a better gift.  They are just small little presents, with the big gift costing $10.00.  The rest were under $5.00.
  I have made a memory for her and I am sure she will enjoy it.
...on to my next project. :)

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