Saturday, October 29, 2011

Calm Down Jar

Over at here we are together, I found this mind jar.  A very easy project that speak volumes of what it is designed to do.

The idea is to help calm a child who needs to stop, think and regroup.  By shaking the jar and watching the glitter swirl and fall to the bottom, it allows time for the mind to calm down and relax.

It is mesmerizing to watch.   In the light, the glitter sparkles and is very pretty.  After I made it tonight, I handed it to my hubby to check it out.  He spent several minutes shaking and watching the glitter.  This might be a neat idea for adults as well.

The glitter falls quicker than I want it to because the glitter I used was large glitter.  I think the very fine glitter will work much better and be slower at falling.  I will try that kind next.

I think I will use it as a tool with my youngest granddaughter (after she is born).  Just in the way I plan to use the nice seat as a method of helping her cope when she becomes stressed.  The mind jar will be part of the nice seat.  A place she can sit, shake the jar and calm down.