Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Door to Desk to Coffee Table to Wall Art

Awhile back I found where someone had turned a door into a desk.  Well, I really needed a narrow desk, so that was my aha moment.  Hubby and I did it and I loved it. 
BUT..alas it was not meant to be, as it was just to narrow.  There was no room to put my arms and spread out paperwork.

Soooo....I cut it down and turned it into a coffee table.  (makes it sound like I am a witch and wiggle my nose and Poof "you are a coffee table." :)
BUT...it was too dark, so I painted it white...sort of.
BUT....now it needed color.  Hmmm, what could I do.  Aha...mod podge some pretty calendar pages to the top.

UNTIL...hubby and I decided to get a new sofa.  We decide on a sectional.  Oh no, what will I do with my handcrafted one of a kind coffee table, that I love.
Ta Da...it is now a piece of wall art over my bed.  I LOVE it.  Every time I walk past my room, I smile. 

I like the colors.  I like that it fills the space.  I love the fact that I keep using items and trying to repurpose them.  I like that I try to add my own style to my home without spending a lot of money.  I like that I think outside the box. 

Hubby says...we now have a door above a door. Little does he know that tomorrow I pick up another door to turn into a hallway seating bench.  :)

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