Monday, October 17, 2011

Building Blocks

There is more inspiration on the internet than I will ever be able to accomplish in my lifetime.  Just not enough hours in the day to get it all done.

So, I have to pick and choose..and today I chose to make these cute, cute building blocks.  I found the idea here at Modge Podge rocks.  You can pretty much Modge Podge on anything.

I had a couple of pieces of 3x3 wood in the garage.  Perfect.  I have Mod Podge. Perfect.  Now, just have to find something to Mod Podge on the blocks.  Aha, old greeting cards.  Perfect.  Then I found an old nursery rhyme book.  Perfect.

I just cut out the pictures, Mod Podged them to the blocks.  I will add another layer of Mod Podge tomorrow and they will be so cute sitting on a shelf in my future granddaughter's room.  And they just might become something she will someday give to her child..... Perfect.

I originally was going to do Sesame Street blocks, but in looking through old children's books, I found this vintage looking nursery rhyme book that I really like the way the pictures look.  So, I decided to change my path and make the blocks look kind of vintage.  I am very pleased with the way they turn out.

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