Sunday, October 9, 2011

Quiet Book

My second granddaughter is due around Christmas time and I am already making goodies for her.  My original idea was to make her a "busy book.  A book that would help her learn to zip a zipper, snap snaps, tie a shoelace, button a button, buckle a buckle...mainly things they need to learn in order to go out into the real word of kindergarten.  Things that will help make them independent. 

But she doesn't need all the little accessories that type of book would have, she would just try and put everything in her mouth.  So.. I decided to make her a "Quiet Book".  Nothing fancy, just fabric and felt. I tried to make some easy pages to play with.  This will tide her over until she can handle the next book..which by the way I need to get started on.  A grandma's job is never done

 Her home

 Open the door, and she can see her parents and her dogs

 A page of match the signs and colors.  A page of learning to weave.

 A barn where you can remove the bottom three animals, which are finger puppets.  A page of eggs to count.

 A closet page that holds felt clothes to put on the flat doll

 A telephone page to call her G-ma (me).  A page to put the red apples in the basket.

 A page to hold all the accessories to decorate the page of weather seasons.

 A page to braid hair.  A page to learn the traffic light colors.

 A mail box that holds a letter from G-ma.

Another job well done and another memory made.  Maggie and I will spend time sitting on the floor playing with the "Quiet Book" that gma made for her. 

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